Finally a Publisher for the Self-Publisher!

In 2011 RA Comics entered the world of print publishing with the release of our first in-house book “It’s Supposed to be America!” Since then we’ve grown the operation to include providing publishing services to the public.

When RA Comics entered the world of print publishing in 2011 we quickly learned that we had a lot to learn. After our first book, “It’s Supposed to be America!” was released we discovered that many people don’t want to deal with the hassle of making a book from scratch, they just want to create the content. Enter RA Press. We take care of the hassle so you can spend your valuable time working on your creation.

Why Do I Need a Publisher?

Honestly? You don’t. If you’re ready to get your book out to the masses, in print or digital form, there are many resources online that will help you get there. Chances are we may have used the same resources to get where we are today.

What Will You Do For Me?

We will work with you to format your art for publication via CreateSpace and Kindle. You provide us with appropriately formatted art (correct size, resolution, etc) and we use Adobe InDesign to produce the required files to upload for publication. CreateSpace will allow you to sell your book online at and Kindle Direct will allow for digital sales.

Our art department will work with you on cover design and we will help ensure that you are provided with a professional looking book that will look good on any reader’s shelf.

Are You Stealing My Copyright?

No. You, the creator, maintain all copyrights to your work. We only serve as your publisher and will only ask to be listed as publisher in the book. We will not use your art in any other publication or in any other way without your express written permission. As part of your contract with us we will ask to use your final cover design and possible low-resolution examples of a couple interior pages for promotional purposes on a clients page. Any use of your work in this manner will include links to purchase your work or links back to your page.

How Much Will This Cost?

Price is contingent upon how much work is required to get your work ready for publication. The more editorial work required on our side will obviously increase your price. An appropriate hourly rate will be negotiated in your contract with us and you will be provided with an estimate before any work begins and an invoice after completion of services.