It seems like August always means change at the RA Comics offices and this year is no exception. We figure it has to be the heat because this year the changes are HOT! Long-time audience members will immediately notice that everything has changed at RAcomics.com. Don’t worry, most everything will still be here it’s just in a new location so we can highlight our active content and ongoing projects. The comics will still be available via a link in our menu but now we will also feature links to our podcasts, blogs and videos! Once the site is up and fully operational be sure to take a look around and see what new amazing content you can find. We’ll try to help you find all of the new and exciting features as they are added. Stay tuned and check back often and let the next chapter in our adventure together begin!


Podcasts are a great way for us to engage our audience in topical entertaining conversations.
Available on iTunes, Stitcher, RSS feed, or listen directly from the webpages!

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Sometimes life is too big for 140 characters and too important than to be lost in some MyFace Spacebook timeline change of the week, so now Ben has a place to spill his mind on the page. Some posts will be political, some posts will be funny, and some will be short stories that seek to inform or entertain.

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In 2011 RA Comics moved beyond digital publishing and entered the world of print. With the success of our first book, “It’s Supposed to be America!” we were on our way. Now RA Comics provides publishing services to the general public. All aspects of getting your book to print are covered; except writing it, that’s your job.

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