Introducing Reality Amuck-the Blog

“Wait, I thought Reality Amuck was a comic.”

Well you’re right, Reality Amuck was a comic unfortunately it is no longer being produced on a regular basis. We’ve archived all of the old comic strips here on the site along with our other older comics so readers can go back and enjoy them again and again.

Reality Amuck (at will now serve as our primary blog site. Sometimes life doesn’t fit in 140 characters and social media sites keep changing the way they display content in their timelines. We could have used the blog feature from one of our other sites but not everything we have to say fits with the content of the podcasts or comics. Reality Amuck, the blog, will serve as a place to say what’s on our mind, entertain you with a short story or two, and status updates about our life. The theme of being for impolite society will remain (Sex, Religion, Politics, etc.) but now it will be in word form. Check it out.