As a few of you know I recently started working for a new company. It's pretty much in the same field as the last company I worked with before I started working full time on the comic a couple years ago. After almost a month and a half at the new company I'm totally amazed at the difference. Even though I'm making significantly less at the new place so far, it is like night and day as to how they treat their people. For the first time in my life I don't wake up hating the company I work for, I actually like it.

Granted every place has it's good and bad points and you'll always get more BS on some days than others. Maybe in a year or two I'll be moaning and complaining here about work, but it was refreshing to not be inundated by the BS from day one.

For those wondering about the comic, new updates will be coming soon. The summer was rather insane and life has been in a constant state of flux. I've made it through with the help of some really good friends. Only a few of my closest friends will ever know how bad it got toward the end but now there's light at the end of the tunnel and things are really looking up.

Once I get settled in a new apartment and get the Interwebs (and running water) I'll start updating again. I've been writing all this time so I have plenty of scripts and ideas for new comics. Thanks for sticking around through all of this. I don't care what the other cartoonists say, you guys are the best readers on the Internet and I am very thankful that you choose to spend some of your precious time checking out what I have to say and draw.